A & B Home is a trusted and reliable supplier of home furnishings and accessories that provides high quality products with highly perceived value. Our philosophy is always to be honest and love what we do, while working closely and fairly with our factory suppliers, retail/wholesale customers and A & B team to promote a win-win-win relationship.

5 ft Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

14″ Galvanized and Wicker Tray

34″ X Factor Ratten Patterned Condro Chair

57″ Distressed Acacia Wood TV Console with Cane Doors

31″ Black Walnut Wood Framed Mirror

22″ Woven Split Bamboo Chandelier

18″ Woven Bamboo and Wood Box

“Set of 2 — 7.5″” and 6″” Diameter Planters of Woven-Look Cement
with Cotton Trim and Handles”

60″ Pine Bead Embellishment

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