Elevate Your Expectations

It is a mantra that guides everything we do at Loftex, from our manufacturing process, to our entire product line, to our corporate operations. It is a refusal to accept the status quo as good enough. We always search for a better, more efficient, more intelligent and more sustainable way of doing everything we do. We question everything we so can accomplish anything.

Bath Towels
Softly innovating the bath towel industry was how Loftex got started and softness is the most important attribute of a Loftex towel from Iconic Cotton to our whole range of innovative sustainable towels made from plastic bottles, hemp or any of the most technically advanced constructions. First and foremost, they must meet the consumers number one demand. Softness! And all are made under the strictest sustainable requirements.

Fashion Rugs
Like all Loftex products, our bath rugs are everyday luxuries for your bathroom. Created with beautiful designs, these rugs fit every décor. Loftex rugs are sumptuously thick and plush. Created from recycled bottles, these rugs are made with the planet in mind. So the next time you step out of your bath, remember you will have a moment of pure indulgence, knowing these rugs were designed for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

Beach Towels
Loftex produced the most vibrant and soft fiber-reactive beach towels even before they made their first bath towel. Our fiber-reactive and jacquard beach towels are the benchmark in the industry for quality and design. All our designs are produced by our incredible staff of designers who fully understand the beach business in terms of design and color.

A Leader In Sustainability

Our pursuit of 360 degree product and manufacturing is constantly on our mind when we develop new innovative product and when we reimagine our manufacturing being fully sustainable. We continually challenge ourselves, because we know we cannot maintain our quality of life on this planet unless we embrace natural resources. We have within our power the knowledge, information, technology and skills to make sustainable products part of our everyday way of doing things.

We began the company with a desire to innovate the towel industry. After doing that, we looked to the future which was creating a world where all our products were sustainable. Now the future is here. At Loftex, we create good natured products designed for the wellbeing of people and the planet. We are grateful for natural resources and mindful of personal preferences.

We question everything so we can accomplish anything.

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