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Premier Fine Linens brings you an exquisite collection of home fashions and accessories for the global market. Our reputation in the world of textiles has steadily grown over the years, with continuous innovation in our quest for perfection.

Established in 1945, the Premier group has since been serving the global market with indigenously manufactured fine combed cotton yarn and textiles. We operate seven spinning mills, two weaving mills integrated with processing and finishing, an electronics unit and a sewing factory. In the global textiles market, the Premier group remains a dominant player with investments made in high-grade raw materials, state-of-the-art machinery, cutting-edge technology and stringent quality control systems to provide the finest products to the world market.

fine linens manufacturer
fine linens manufacturer
fine linens manufacturer

Complete Vertical Manufacturing From Yard To Sheets

sustainable textile manufacturer

Backed by 75 years of experience and spanning across 4 generations, we are proud to be known as a pioneer and a leading player in the textile industry. We house state-of-the-art infrastructure with efficient automation process which meets global standards.

sustainable textile manufacturer


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The Story On Sustainability

Premier Group factories are equipped with a modern effluent treatment plant where almost 99% of water is reused. Also, 70% of green energy used by the factories are powered by wind mills.

Bio gas plants and established waste management systems are implemented in all factories. Reducing waste generation and then decomposing it in eco-friendly ways is a big part in Premier’s drive towards responsibility to society.

sustainable textile manufacturer
sustainable textile manufacturer

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