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Experience the luxury introductions of award winning designers Jim & Phoebe Howard. This collection encapsulates beautiful design using a fresh blend of traditional and current sensibilities grounded in timeless design theory.

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With drama and a mastery of story telling, Lillian’s lifestyle designs are coveted for their range of expression — from glamour to clean, edited forms. Her trademark looks blend periods and styles to reflect her signature point of view.

American upholstery, designer furniture
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This new collection is defined by an artisanal beauty inspired by Christiane Lemieux’s world travels. Influenced by the Spice Road, the Parisian flea markets, and traditional Japanese woodworking shops, the collection takes on a uniquely global appeal emphasizing modern elegance, yet firmly planted in tradition.

American upholstery, designer furniture
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With skill and care, we blend traditional American hand craftsmanship with modern manufacturing methods. The result is unparalleled custom-made upholstery to fit almost any need.

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