Storis celebrating 30 years

STORIS: The Unified Commerce Solution

STORIS is the leading provider of retail technology to the home furnishings industry including POS, eCommerce, Customer Experience, Inventory Management and more.

Our Mission Is To Deliver The Strategic Technology And Professional Services Home Furnishings Retailers Need To Succeed.

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Point of Sale
STORIS Point of Sale seamlessly connects your store’s inventory, sales orders, customer information, and delivery logistics through a single database. Enable your sales team to increase average ticket, precisely complete orders, and process payments to meet EMV and PCI-PADSS Compliancy laws.

Storis ecommerce

eSTORIS provides retailers with a website directly integrated to STORIS, including product pricing and availability information. This platform enables retailers to run a mobile responsive, SEO-friendly eCommerce site that is intuitively designed to help retailers attract customers, drive traffic in-store, and sell online.

Storis Mobile-POS

Mobile Point Of Sale
Elevate the customer experience on your showroom floor with Mobile POS Solutions. Going mobile provides sales associates with real-time information accessibility directly at their fingertips. Associates can convey professionalism through engaged, personalized customer service as they guide customers through the shopping journey.

Customer Experience Management
CXM is an in-store application designed to support retail sales associates in delivering exceptional experiences. It enables associates to recognize their customers and track interactions to build personalized relationships. Capture key details about interactions and ensure proper follow up using Opportunities and Activities.

Storis in store kiosk

In-Store Kiosk
A rising component of in-store technology is the self-service Kiosk; a digital platform that caters to tech-driven consumers. Consumers can utilize the Kiosk to view a retailer’s product catalog, confirm inventory stock quantities and available delivery dates, and build individual shopping carts.

Business Intelligence
STORIS real-time Business Intelligence solution for retailers makes data analysis accessible, actionable, and collaborative. STORIS BI captures data from in-store, eCommerce, and mobile technologies to empower your team with cross-channel consumer insights to devise actionable strategies.

Storis inventory management

Inventory Management
Enhance inventory control with accurate, real-time tracking across your entire operation, including store locations, warehouses, DCs, and eCommerce. STORIS lets you quickly determine availability, adjust product statuses, replenish stock, and manage purchasing from one integrated system.

Storis Merchandising and Buying tools

Merchandising & Buying Tools
STORIS Buying Tools enables retailers to streamline your furniture merchandise planning to meet customer expectations. Always have the right merchandise at the right time with Lead Time and Demand Forecasting. Generate merchandise strategies that lead to a higher GMROI using real-time analysis and historical trend data.

Storis Customer Service

Customer Service
STORIS Customer Service module helps furniture and appliance retailers seamlessly transition from sale to service of inventory. Retailers can track warranties, manage orders for non-inventory requests such as time and labor, as well as inventory parts needed for repair.

Storis Logistics

Logistics and Distribution
STORIS integrated distribution tools allow you to set attainable delivery dates and delight customers by surpassing their fulfillment expectations. Mobile barcode scanning enables retailers to organize their warehouses efficiently for picking, receiving, and transferring processes and foster the productivity of their teams.

Storis accounting and finance

Accounting & Finance
STORIS Accounting & Finance Software delivers an accurate capture of your company’s finances in real time. Secure company financials with privacy settings and audit trails. STORIS offers integrated financing solutions to seamlessly provide consumer credit through both in-house and third-party financing.

Storis reporting and analytics

Reporting & Analytics
STORIS provides Busines Intelligence tools to empower leaders with actionable information to grow their businesses. STORIS houses raw data points, from transactional sales and customer profiles to inventory and financials. Seamless data integration provides retailers with accurate and trustworthy analyses.

Storis celebrating 30 years




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