wholesale candles, wallcoverings, wallpaper manufacturer

Boutique wallpaper, fabric, and floor mats designed for many home styles, from contemporary and artistic to traditional, rustic, and tribal. Our designer collections offer home decor curated by experts in each aesthetic. Our fragrant soy candles, like all other MB products, are proudly made in America.

wholesale candles

Mitchell Black Candles
Scented soy candles featuring 80-hour burn time along with clean-burning cotton wicks and natural oils.

wallpaper manufacturer

Our most popular wallpaper patterns are now available by the yard in cotton, linen, shimmer velvet and performance fabrics.

Vinyl Floor Mats
Non-slip mats in designer styles offer low maintenance and may be used inside or outside.

wallcoverings, wallpaper manufacturer

Transform any space, no matter the style, with our artistic wallpaper patterns. All designs available in contract-grade vinyls and residential papers, including removable peel & stick options.

wallcoverings, wallpaper manufacturer

Redefining wall color with a natural paper alternative to liquid paint, this time-saving paper is as easy to remove as it is to install.

wholesale candles, wallcoverings, wallpaper manufacturer
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