We weave nature and technology together to create the finest life experiences with our thoughtful offerings. We are committed to nurture nature by monitoring what we use, how much we use and how we use.

We started our journey in the early 1990s with a few bundles of raw cotton and a dream. From being a solitary yarn manufacturer, we have diversified into one of the largest, state-of-the-art and integrated home textiles manufacturers globally. Our manufacturing facilities, located in India, cater to a customer base of over 100 countries across the globe.

Presently, we are the largest manufacturer of terry towels in the world, one of the biggest producers of wheat straw-based paper and among the foremost yarn spinners of the country. With consistent investment in technology, constant research and an innovative approach, Trident has acquired wide and varied global-scale capabilities in terry towel and bed linen production. We believe in building businesses for the future that ensure holistic growth for all stakeholders and minimal impact on environment

The complete wellness range of home textiles by Trident.

Textiles engineered with an advanced antimicrobial treatment which ensures effective protection against contamination and transmission of bacteria that use textiles as a hosting surface. Jiva Stay Protected with AntiViro promises safety and softness together.

This range is manufactured with a polymer-based system that has silver ions embedded uniformly into the fabric, preventing accumulation of unwanted bacteria on its surface. Sanitized TM helps you stay hygienic and fresh with its smart release and bio-responsive system. It delivers high performance, promoting a healthier and relaxed skin for you.

A wonder that fuses the elements of nature with technology, Jiva Stay Stress-Free with Natural Crystals gives you the opportunity to experience life with more energy. With the goodness of 16 natural crystals added to the fabric while printing, these sheets bring the power of nature into your life. They enhance energy in the body and have a beneficial effect on the emotional state, too.

Sustainable ranges of home textiles by Trident.

An innovative twist on traditional cotton textiles, HELIX combines recycled cotton and virgin cotton to create a unique fabric. This cutting edge textile renders durable, top-notch sustainable textiles.

Zaire is made from cotton and CiCLO additive technology that allows synthetic plastic-based fibers to behave more like natural fibers, such as wool. These textiles have the characteristics of synthetic fibers but are enhanced for the ecosystem and can reduce the persistence of plastic microfibers in oceans and plastic accumulation in landfills.

A Trident innovation, Zero cotton textiles are made from earth-friendly fibers that are comfortable, soft and durable. They save water and are grown without using harmful pesticides or chemicals. This range is super cozy, sustainable and as good as other cotton textiles.

The power of three in one. Crafted from an intimate blend of cotton & Lenzing modal woven with polyester, this collection promises style and functionality, both.

Elevate your every day experience with offerings made from our patented AIR RICH technology. The premium Air Rich yarns consist of tiny air pockets. Textiles crafted using our AIR RICH technology have a quicker absorbency rate and become softer with every wash.

Smart Sense is made from a smart fiber that detects dirt and indicates with its color change function. When sweat or bacterial metabolites are absorbed by these textiles, the color of their band slowly changes to red. When you wash them with soap, the color will change back from red to blue, indicating that they are clean again.

Bring a new level of comfort to your home with sheets made with the smart temp technology. These super comfortable sheets are truly efficient and durable. They interact with body temperature and dynamically respond to body heat.

Drenched in sweat every night? No more sleepless nights because Sleep Cool is here for rescue. Made with a special fiber/finish that draws heat from the skin, Sleep Cool provides an instant cooling effect with its balanced moisture transfer system. It reduces your body temperature, helping you experience a cool and comfortable sleep every night. Happy sleeping!

A clever concoctions of dyed and undyed lush cotton fibers spun together to create a collection that mesmerizes with every touch.


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